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Science, Technology & Society - An International Journal Devoted to the Developing World [ISSN: 0971-7218] is published by Sage Publications, New Delhi. It is a tri-annual journal.


Science, Technology & Society enhances our understanding of the way in which advances in science and technology influence society and vice versa. Launched in 1996, it is the first truly international journal devoted to the developing world and published from the region. It covers areas like history, sociology, philosophy, economics, political science, psychology, technological forecasting, science policy, R & D management, health & nutrition, agriculture, ecology & environment, and quantitative studies.


Science, Technology & Society promotes interdisciplinary perspectives drawing upon a number of "hard core" science disciplines.


"…Despite its high standard of scholarship, the journal is designed to be accessible to a broad range of scientists working in R&D fields. It should be on the essential reading lists of all scientists with an interest in developing countries". – NATURE


Electronic Access:

Science Technology & Society is available electronically on SAGE Journals Online at